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Introducing Kyligence Zen, the Intelligent Metrics Store

Coco Li
Product Marketing Manager
Jul. 14, 2022

Over the past 20 years, the data architecture market landscape has undergone tremendous changes, from the traditional on-premises business intelligence/data warehouse (BI/DW) architecture, to big data-based distributed architecture (Hadoop), cloud-native architecture and, finally, to today's  modern data stack.


Driven by the evolution of data technologies and dynamically changing business needs, today's enterprises are grappling with fast-growing data volumes and a corresponding need for a data architecture capable of handling it all. Without that architecture, complex data stacks and pipelines will result in low efficiency and inconsistent analytics. As Mode’s Benn Stancil states in his blog, The Missing Piece of the Modern Data Stack, without a unified metrics management platform, “the stories [data] tell will be inconsistent until they share the same metrics.”


When results are inconsistent, data loses trust. That puts pressure on data analysts to work significantly harder, duplicating metrics logic across different platforms and tools, repeatedly combining and analyzing metrics. That creates seemingly endless debugging work for data engineers. A new approach is needed.


That’s why Kyligence is excited to announce a private preview of Kyligence Zen, an Intelligent Metrics Store for aligning business goals and key metrics. Kyligence Zen is a platform to centrally manage metrics, ensure metrics consistency, align organizational business goals, and improve organizational productivity. It automates data pipelines from data lakes or data warehouses to its multidimensional OLAP database, delivering metrics consistency, reusability, and data trust in a cost-effective way.


With Kyligence Zen, data analysts can define their metrics in the Store and consistently reuse them across BI, automation tools, business workflows, and advanced analytics. Business users and developers can eliminate inefficient processes and repetitive work with the Metrics Stores’ automated and governed methodology.


Kyligence Zen is built on top of Kyligence’s high-performance OLAP platform, and leveraging its AI-augmented engine to identify datasets and metrics automatically. It provides a metrics catalog, goals for management, metrics automation, and access from APIs. In short, Kylience Zen delivers a game-changing methodology for data teams to simplify their metrics pipeline and unleash data values by enabling everyone to consume consistent metrics based on trusted data.


Architecture Diagram of Kyligence Zen

Kyligence Zen

Interested? Watch the video below for a tour of Kyligence Zen! Or you can request a trial, or download our whitepaper now to explore it yourself.


Let's take a deeper look at Kylience Zen features.


Feature 1 - Metrics Catalog


Unified metrics are the core of efficient enterprise management and communications. Our Metrics Catalog means organizations can easily define and manage metrics, ensure consistent metrics definition, and further enhance data trust and credibility. In the meantime, Kyligence Zen provides metrics import capability – enterprises can easily import and generate metrics definitions from existing BI systems, data warehouse systems, etc.


With the Kyligence Zen Metrics Catalog, you can:


•              Easily define and search metrics to increase data trust and credibility;

•              Eliminate repeated tasks through unified definition and governance of metrics; and,

•              Quickly import existing metrics from BI or data warehouse SQL with metrics batch importing.


Feature 2 - Metrics Automation


A fast-changing business environment requires data platforms to be extremely agile. With Kyligence's patented AI-augmented engine, Kyligence Zen can automatically extract data marts and related dimensional information from SQL history and usage logs of source databases, data warehouses, data lakes, etc., and quickly generate and continuously maintain metrics catalogs. Metrics Automation analyzes user query histories and provides metrics recommendations for business users such as the hottest metrics, the most important metrics, etc.


Metrics Automation does the following:


•              Guarantees efficient query performance through automatic metrics calculating with Kyligence’s high-performance OLAP platform;

•              Quickly generates and maintains a metrics catalog, extracting the most valuable metrics and data points dynamically based on SQL query history;

•              Intelligently recommends metrics for business users such as the hottest and most important indicators – through metrics usage logs and user behavioral data.

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Feature 3 - Goals


Metrics are a numerical expression of a management or business target. Kyligence Zen provides objective management and metric alignment capabilities, enabling organizations to define management goals as relevant, measurable targets from the perspective of managers, set reasonable results or progress metrics, and continuously track metrics, further driving the organization's digital transformation.  


Here are some things that Goals can do:


•              Enables teams to easily track the business metrics that matter most, aggregating them in a unified view;

•              Realizes management of observability by breaking down measurable business goals, defining them with trusted data, and aligning them with metrics; 

•              Drives organizational digital transformation by establishing reasonable and measurable results and process metrics, and providing the means for continuous progress tracking.


Feature 4 - Metrics API


Open APIs are an important foundation for assembled and collaborative analysis. Kyligence Zen provides an open API to easily connect with various management, collaboration, BI, and visualization tools. Our Metrics API empowers enterprises to automate various management and analysis workflows and enables third-parties to easily integrate with Kyligence Zen to build applications and tools, unleashing the potential of a unified metrics platform.


In short, our Metrics API:


•              Pushes metrics to downstream tools that business users already use;I

•              Customizes metrics production and consumption flexibly, based on existing data processes; 

•              Allows third-parties to easily integrate with Kyligence Zen's core capabilities.


Key Kyligence Zen Benefits


•              Collaborative and aligned: Leverage metrics to align business and management goals, and improve overall organizational capabilities. 

•              Business agility: With a more responsive data system, business users and developers can eliminate inefficient processes and repetitive work.

•              Consistent metrics definition: Centrally manage metrics, avoid metric ambiguity, ensure consistent metrics definition, and improve metrics reusability between different businesses.

•              Reduced costs: Empower business with self-serve metrics analytics, and help data teams get rid of repetitive ETL work and focus on metrics management.


If you are interested in trying Kyligence Zen for yourself, we are offering free access for a limited time–on a first come, first served basis–while it is in beta. Simply submit a form online, or email our team at to request your trial. We would love to hear what you think about this new experience and how we can improve it.


If you have opinions about this topic or are looking for a solution around Metrics Store, we would love to hear from you!