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SSAS Alternative

Background in the Era of Big Data

In the family of Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) comes up as an ideal data mining and multi-dimensional online analytical processing (OLAP) tool, especially for BI applications. It facilitates users in designing, creating, and managing multi-dimensional structures/mining models with data collected from disparate data sources/relational databases and with the help of data mining algorithms. This offers an augmented level of decision-making for better business output.
The longtime success of SSAS has resulted in the creation of a huge value in terms of the management of structured data (cubes). As companies relied more and more on SSAS, the explosive growth in data volumes stressed its single server architecture to the breaking point.
  • Data Volume
Some of the tables have many columns and millions of rows. When the model is being processed, all the memory of the server is consumed.The SSAS multi-dimensional mode is more suitable for processing small volumes of data, but performance suffers when querying or cubing large datasets, especially with many dimensions.
  • Scalability
Existing SSAS processing capabilities have run into the limitations of single server architecture. To improve performance, users have no choice but to scale up with larger, high-end servers with a large number of cores, more RAM, and faster, larger disks.
  • Concurrency
Limitation of a single server architecture is the ability to support large numbers of concurrent users. SSAS may struggle or fail when too many users query at the same time. Once again, a distributed architecture could provide improved concurrency.

How Kyligence can help

How Kyligence can help

To help the struggling users get out of SSAS pain points, Kyligence offers an Intelligent OLAP Platform to simplify multi-dimensional analytics for cloud data lakes. Its AI-augmented engine detects patterns from most frequently asked business queries, builds governed data marts automatically and brings metrics accountability on the data lake to optimize data pipeline and avoid excessive number of tables.

The Intelligent OLAP Platform

Distributed and Scalable OLAP Engine

Kyligence's big data solutions provide customers with the following value:

  • Key Benefits
  • · Scale-out architecture

· Unlimited cube/index size

· Sub-second queries against petabytes of data

· More analysis scenarios

  • · High ROI, lower TCO

  • · Consistent user experience for analytics

  • · Powerful semantic model capabilities


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