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Big Data Retail Analytics Solutions

Design more personalized customer experiences, accelerate operational agility, and maximize marketing ROI with the leading platform for fast Big Data analytics.

Get analytics that helps you set trends, not just keep up with them

Succeeding in retail has never been more challenging, and making sense of your customer data has never been more vital to staying in front of your competition. In an industry where things change fast, you need to be able to generate insights from your data quickly. This can be tricky when trying to balance analytics performance with the large datasets needed to make optimal decisions.

This is where Kyligence's Augmented Analytics platform for Big Data can help. With Kyligence, retailers can easily conduct rapid analysis, improve marketing ROI, and react immediately to changing buyer preferences in order to stay ahead in this hyper-competitive world.


A solution built for speed and deep customer insights

Kyligence offers retailers a unified, centralized, and easy to manage Big Data platform for Augmented Analytics that lets users analyze petabytes of customer and business data in seconds. It's able to offer the highest levels of performance at near-limitless scale thanks to its unique Augmented OLAP approach to processing queries on Big Data.

Using Kyligence, analysts and the IT teams they work with are able to:

  • Work with massive petabyte-scale datasets in near-real-time.
  • Seamlessly scale up operations to over 100,000 users.
  • Enjoy rich API support and integrations with all major BI tools.
  • Adopt a self-service and more interactive approach to analytics.

Download our Kyligence solution overview for retail organizations to see how else we make your work on Big Data faster and easier to manage.

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