Solutions for Self-Service Big Data Analytics

Securely scale access to business data across your organization with the world's fastest self-service analytics platform for Big Data.

Eliminate data silos and maximize your analytics efficiency

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets, but it’s worthless if you can’t quickly transform it into actionable insights. Data silos, a complicated data collection and analytics environment, and the limited coding skills of your analysts all serve as major roadblocks for IT and engineering teams to support the data-driven initiatives of their organizations.

But with Kyligence’s centralized self-service data analytics platform and semantic layer, IT and engineering teams can empower their business stakeholders with a lightning-fast self-service analytics experience while at the same time driving down IT costs and workloads.


Kyligence, for interactive analytics on any size dataset

For IT teams looking to enhance data access for their analytics teams while reducing their workloads and resource demands, Kyligence offers a the best of both worlds with its centralized Augmented OLAP analytics platform for Big Data.

With Kyligence, IT and their analytics stakeholders get:

  • The fastest analytics experience on massive datasets
  • A powerful semantic layer for self-service analytics.
  • High-performance, even with 100,000+ concurrent users.
  • Rich API support and integrations with major BI tools.

Enjoy all of this and more with Kyligence’s suite of Big Data solutions. Learn how with our solution overview for self-service analytics.

Drill down deeper across all of your data with Kyligence self-service analytics

Tear down the barriers to efficient and intelligent analytics across your organization with the world’s leading OLAP platform for high-performance Big Data analytics.

Whether your infrastructure is on-premises or on the Cloud, Kyligence has a suite of solutions purpose-built to accelerate your team’s work on Big Data and empower them to dig deeper into their datasets for breakthrough insights that will keep your business miles ahead of the competition.

Discover how Kyligence delivers on these promises with this solution overview for self-service analytics. Inside you’ll get:


  • An introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your analytics environment.
  • Use cases for self-service analytics with Kyligence.
  • A list of additional analytics features and capabilities Kyligence offers.


Make the move to self-service analytics with this solution overview that will show you how. Download now!

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