Replace Microsoft SSAS and Scale OLAP​ on Big Data

Modernize your traditional OLAP technology while reducing demands on IT's time and resources with Kyligence Augmented OLAP for Big Data.

Break free from the limitations of your traditional OLAP solutions

For businesses around the world, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) has served as the preferred OLAP engine for analytics work, but for many organizations looking to embrace Big Data or transition to the Cloud, the increasing limitations of SSAS and its traditional OLAP approach have made modernization difficult.

Augmented OLAP from Kyligence offers a way forward. Built to handle the most demanding work on Big Data, Kyligence allows teams on SSAS to upgrade their OLAP to easily scale their data volume and transition analytics to the Cloud.


An OLAP architecture that supports modern Big Data work

Kyligence's Augmented OLAP approach to Big Data analytics helps organizations overcome their challenges with limited volume and dimensions, limited scalability, excessive hardware costs, and service unavailability.

Built on Spark, Kyligence enables powerful semantic modeling on a scalable architecture, responding to queries on petabytes of data in less than a second. Kyligence users also enjoy:

  • The fastest queries on Big Data.
  • Enhanced interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.
  • High-performance analytics, even with 100,000+ users.
  • Unlimited data volume for OLAP cubes.

See how Kyligence makes it easy for SSAS users to seamlessly transition to an analytics environment that supports modern Big Data work with this solution overview for upgrading SSAS.

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