Supercharge Your Cognos Analytics on Big Data

Accelerate your time-to-insight with Kyligence, the only solution that enables near real-time interactive analytics on massive datasets for Cognos BI users.

Get business intelligence that’s built to handle Big Data

Your investment in Cognos data analytics was a strategic decision, but the Big Data landscape has changed. Mining insights quickly from your business’s massive datasets isn’t so easy with a toolset built for decades-old analytics challenges. If you struggle with slow query speeds and report performance, PowerCubes that take hours to render, or limited cube dimensions and access controls, then it’s time to consider Augmented OLAP.

Learn how Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP approach to Big Data analytics elegantly solves all of the challenges legacy OLAP solutions like Cognos encounter when dealing with the size and complexity of modern data analytics work. Whether you are looking to fully migrate from Cognos or just enhance it, Kyligence provides a streamlined path towards modernization.


A modern approach to OLAP for today’s analytics needs

If you’re ready to migrate away from Cognos, or even if you still want to make the most of your current business intelligence (BI) investments, Kyligence’s Big Data platform can help you realize your goals.

With Kyligence, IT teams can deliver high-performance analytics to analysts – on any size dataset, all while eliminating the time and resources it takes to manage hundreds (or thousands) of Cognos PowerCubes. Kyligence also delivers:

  • The industry’s fastest queries on Big Data.
  • Enhanced interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.
  • High-performance analytics, even with 100,000+ users.
  • Rich API support and integrations with major BI tools.

Learn how to ensure your analytics platform can support Machine Learning, AI, and Big Data with the leading platform built for accelerating insights on massive datasets.

Upgrade your Cognos analytics environment with Kyligence 

There was a time where your analytics platform was sufficient, but in the era of Big Data, Cognos is no longer enough. Take the next step towards supercharging your analytics insights with the only OLAP-based solution built to meet the demands of modern Big Data work.

Whether you’re simply looking to enhance your current Cognos platform or think now is the time to migrate to something faster and more scalable for your analytics needs, Kyligence can help.

This Cognos solution overview walks you through everything you need to know about transitioning from Cognos to Kyligence’s next-generation Augmented OLAP platform. Inside this guide you’ll get:


  • An overview of Kyligence and how it works with your Cognos BI solutions.
  • A look at the full feature set and benefits Kyligence offers Cognos users.
  • Additional BI migration options Kyligence enables and tips to help you transition.


Don’t settle for slow and inflexible BI. Get the only OLAP solution capable of providing the scale and speed you need to drive insights faster than your competition. Download now!

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