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Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 Datasheet

Understand the technical capabilities and features of Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 and learn why it's the leading platform for fast and scalable Big Data analytics.

Everything you need to know about Kyligence Enterprise 4.0

Efficiently managing today's Big Data workloads requires a unified analytics architecture that's flexible, open, and trustworthy, but that's only half the battle. Efficient management means little if your platform can't accelerate your analytics work or scale as your business and datasets grow.

Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 delivers an Augmented OLAP platform that enables the high-performance analytics necessary for analysts and data users across your organization to quickly generate insights that support your business' most demanding data-driven initiatives.


Get the roadmap for faster Big Data analytics at any scale

Today's most successful business strategies are backed by analytics infrastructures capable of delivering instant insights to the analysts working on them - no matter how sophisticated their models or how much data they're using.

This datasheet provides an overview of the features and capabilities Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 offers IT teams and their data users and explains how its Augmented OLAP approach to Big Data achieves faster speeds and unmatched scalability. You'll also receive:


  • A detailed list of features included with the Kyligence Enterprise platform.
  • Technical requirements and recommendations to optimize your on-premises and big data analytics cloud performance with Kyligence.
  • Performance benchmarks and partner integrations for Kyligence Enterprise.


Ensure your business intelligence and analytics environment is able to keep up with the evolving needs of your data users with the industry's most powerful Big Data analysis platform. Download now!

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