Migrating from Cognos for Streamlined Analytics

Learn how a Global Fortune 500 company modernized their analytics and reporting platform for lower costs and faster insights on Big Data by migrating from Cognos to Kyligence.

Upgrade to an OLAP Platform Built for Fast, Interactive Analytics

When a Fortune 500 company was looking to transition from their outdated Cognos platform, they turned to Kyligence. Find out how Kyligence helped them overcome:

  • PowerCube size and aggregation limitations
  • Insufficient OLAP cube dimensions for full analysis
  • Countless slow and failed queries

The Big Data landscape has changed. If your Cognos solution can’t keep up, it's time to migrate to a solution that can.


Modernize Your Big Data Analytics Platform

This case study shares a brief story about how Kyligence helped a Fortune 500 customer solve the following challenges:

  • Data volume limitations of Cognos cubes
  • Lack of support for high cardinality dimensions
  • Delays when either combining or reporting on data

Read about how this company reduced IT complexity, accelerated their insights, and increased analytics flexibility through a simplified migration.

Their new OLAP data platform consists of Hadoop, Kyligence, and several popular BI tools that their analysts demand. Download the full case study now.

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