Kyligence Resources


Modernizing Analytics While Migrating from Cognos

Read how a leading insurance company modernized their data analytics platform for faster insights by migrating from Cognos to Kyligence.

Generating Insights Faster with Analytics on Cognos

See how a Fortune 500 company accelerated their time-to-insight and reduced IT costs after integrating Kyligence with their Cognos BI solution.

Surpassing Data Limitations Using Kyligence on MapR

Here's why a major SaaS provider chose Kyligence to scale their production systems on MapR when in-memory technology was no longer enough.

Personalizing Customer Experience with Big Data on Azure

Discover how a world-renowned apparel company was able to offer a more unique customer experience using Big Data and AI on the Cloud with Azure and Kyligence.

Beating the Competition by Accelerating Tableau​

Learn how a leading financial services company accelerated their Tableau analytics with Kyligence to expand services and enhance customer engagement.

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