Modernizing Analytics While Migrating from Cognos

Read how a leading insurance company modernized their data analytics platform for faster insights by migrating from Cognos to Kyligence.

All the data you need, when you need it – no aggregation required

The best business decisions and the most impactful products are only possible with the right information. Sadly, many organizations are forced to bet their future success on incomplete or aggregated datasets that could be leaving out critical details. Why do they do this? Because their analytics platforms are holding them back.

This was the challenge faced by a Fortune 500 insurer who partnered with Kyligence to migrate away from the limitations of their Cognos solution so that they could make quick decisions based on the most complete information.


Upgrade to the fastest OLAP platform built for interactive Big Data analytics

To make the right decisions, organizations can’t settle for insights and models working off of aggregated or limited datasets. Success in today’s data-driven business environment requires having access to the right analytics tools that can enable decision makers to get fast, fully-informed answers as well as dig deep into the data when they need to know more.

But for analytics and IT teams working off of legacy applications like Cognos, interactive analytics on Big Data can be difficult to pull off. Fortunately, there’s a way forward. Read how one Global Fortune 500 company overcame the limitations of their Cognos solution by migrating to Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP platform.

This case study explains how this leading insurer upgraded their analytics environment to be faster and more interactive while reducing IT costs, as well as solving other major challenges that include:


  • Data volume limitations of Cognos PowerCubes.
  • A lack of support for high cardinality dimensions.
  • Delays when combining and reporting on data.


See how straightforward the path to better OLAP analytics on Big Data can be with this case study. Download now!

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