Enhance Tableau for Business Intelligence on Big Data

See how business intelligence (BI) users on Tableau can get sub-second query speeds on any size dataset with the fastest platform for accelerating analytics.

Peerless BI performance on any size dataset

Demands on today’s BI tools are greater than ever. Efficiently transforming data into insights is what sets businesses at the top of their industry apart from the ones stuck at the bottom. In order to get ahead or stay ahead, you need to be able to ensure your analytics infrastructure and tools can work fast and scale on Big Data.

For many Tableau users, that means integrating with Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP platform for Big Data. With Kyligence, IT and engineering teams can guarantee the fastest and most reliable BI environment on Big Data for all of their users - whether they be on-premises or on the Cloud.


Accelerate and scale your Tableau Big Data performance and analytics

Kyligence's Augmented OLAP platform delivers a streamlined upgrade experience for businesses looking to embrace Big Data without having to replace their current BI tool investments.

Kyligence helps IT teams provide their analysts with a BI environment that allows them to ask better questions, run more sophisticated models, and mine powerful insights that will drive forward all of your company's business initiatives. Enhance Tableau with Kyligence and you'll get:

  • Blazing fast analytics, even on petabyte-scale datasets.
  • Interactive analysis on Hadoop through a live connection.
  • Intelligent auto-modeling that reduces implementation time.
  • Seamless migration from your Data Warehouse to a Big Data architecture.

See for yourself how Kyligence provides all of these benefits and more with this case study on upgrading Tableau for analytics on Big Data.

Get the fastest Big Data analytics experience on Tableau with Kyligence

Future-proof your analytics environment with the only Big Data platform that offers the speed and scalability Tableau needs to run at its absolute best on any size dataset.

This Tableau OLAP case study will help you understand how Kyligence can be integrated with your current BI infrastructure to supercharge your analytics work on Big Data while saving time and budget for IT and engineering.

You'll find this information particularly valuable if you've been looking for a solution to the following challenges:


  • Inconsistent data quality across systems.
  • High complexity with your existing infrastructure.
  • Excessive analytics requests burdening IT.


Ensure ultra-high performance for Tableau, no matter how demanding your business' data needs or how many users you have. Learn how Kyligence can help. Download now!

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