Accelerate Business Intelligence With Kyligence on AWS

Get cloud-native computing and storage infrastructure that enables fast, elastic, and cost-effective analytics innovation, with any data lake and at any scale.

Fast Analytics on AWS Starts With Kyligence

Reach insights faster than ever before. Kyligence Cloud Big Data platform provides sub-second query latency on petabyte-scale datasets, makes OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and Business Intelligence applications work on Big Data and empowers business users to quickly gain insights from that data.


Why Kyligence for Analytics on AWS?

  • Accelerate Your Business Intelligence and Analytics – Kyligence provides high-performance OLAP on Hadoop, empowering business users to unlock more insights from big data, instantly, at any time, from anywhere.
  • Lower TCO – Based on Hadoop/Spark, Kyligence can lower TCO dozens of times greater than IBM, Teradata and Greenplum solutions on massive datasets. With Kyligence’s auto scaling ability and support of Spot Instance, it’s simple to optimize your costs on AWS.
  • Agile and Easy to Use – No need to wait for IT scheduling. Business users can quickly analyze data by themselves and use the BI and Data Visualization tools they prefer which greatly improve efficiency. This allows IT departments to focus more on innovation.

Integrated With the Tools You Already Use

Kyligence fully integrates with virtually all leading business intelligence tools and software including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Cognos, Power BI, Excel, Zeppelin and Superset. It provides ANSI SQL and Restful API interfaces so business users can enjoy the power of extreme OLAP analytics using the Big Data tools they prefer.

Kyligence achieves sub-second query latency on Hadoop at petabyte-scale by building pre-aggregated OLAP cubes. And with its drag-and-drop user interface and intelligent data modeling assistance, Kyligence makes OLAP cube building fast and easy.


Get started with Kyligence on AWS today

It only takes 30 minutes to learn exactly how Kyligence Cloud for Amazon Web Services can solve your organization’s unique Big Data needs and what it will do to accelerate your analytics.

With a free, one-on-one live demo you’ll:

  • Receive a personalized 1:1 walkthrough of Kyligence​
  • Learn where and how Kyligence can meet your needs​
  • Get performance benchmarks and comparisons​
  • Have all of your BI tool and IT integration questions answered

See why the largest global enterprises and Fortune 100 companies rely on Kyligence to simplify analytics infrastructure management and deliver faster insights to their analysts, researchers, and decision makers. Sign up now.

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