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Accelerate and Scale Analytics on Amazon Web Services

Upgrade to a cloud-native computing and storage infrastructure that enables fast, elastic, and cost-effective analytics at any scale.

Cloud analytics that's built to take on Big Data

Cloud technology has made it easy to scale business operations and keep IT costs in line, but this hasn't been true everywhere. For many, these benefits cease when it comes to Cloud analytics performance on Big Data.

As data volumes increase, platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) may struggle to offer the same scalable performance they did when analytics work was less demanding. If your Cloud platform can no longer support your data initiatives, it's time to consider Kyligence for Big Data on the Cloud.


Powerful analytics performance for all of your work on AWS

With Kyligence Augmented OLAP, organizations on AWS can enjoy an end-to-end analytics platform that enables ultra-high performance and near-limitless scalability for Big Data work on the Cloud.

Kyligence empowers analysts and data science teams by providing a self-service analytics environment that seamlessly integrates with their tools and workflows, while at the same time simplifying infrastructure management, reducing work for IT, and lowering costs for the business. Kyligence also offers:

  • Seamless integration with all major BI tools.
  • A streamlined UI that removes the need to write code.
  • The fastest queries on massive datasets.
  • Reliable performance with high concurrency.

You can find out more about Kyligence and how it accelerates AWS Big Data analytics on the Cloud with this overview of Kyligence's Cloud OLAP solutions.

Embrace Big Data on AWS with Kyligence for the Cloud

Get the most out of your company's investments in AWS and transform your Cloud infrastructure into an engine for fast and powerful Big Data insights - Kyligence makes it possible.

Learn why Kyligence is able to deliver analytics speed and scalability on Big Data that's unmatched on the Cloud. This product overview explains everything, from what solutions Kyligence offers Cloud users to how it integrates with your AWS environment. You'll also learn:


  • How you can lower the TCO of Big Data analytics in the Cloud.​
  • Ways to make high-performance analytics on the Cloud easier to manage.
  • Top use cases for effectively leveraging Kyligence for Cloud analytics.​​


Start on your journey to better analytics today and see why the world's largest data-driven enterprises are already using Kyligence to power all of their Big Data work on the Cloud. Download now!

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