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Kyligence and Global IT Service Provider ESS to Bring Apache Kylin and Kyligence High-Performance Analytics Solutions to Latin America

Announces Channel Marketing and Reseller Partnership to Bring the Kyligence Distributed SQL and OLAP Platform to Big Data Customers in Latin America

Kyligence and ESS partnership


San Jose,  Calif. -- September 30, 2020 - Kyligence, originator of Apache Kylin and AI-assisted distributed SQL and OLAP solutions, today announced that Enterprise Software Solutions (ESS) has become a global selling, service, and training partner, offering the full Kyligence solutions portfolio across Latin America. ESS is a global provider of leading edge, creative IT consulting and transformative enterprise services that enable organizations to gain more efficiency and flexibility from their value chain and more profitability from their operations. ESS will deliver Kyligence extreme SQL and extreme OLAP solutions through system integration and managed services engagements in Latin America.

Established in 1996, ESS has offices in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, and India. With a staff of over 1,000 employees specialized in a variety of technical and business skills around the world, ESS collects more than 200 projects for over 50 clients, serving various Fortune 500 companies. ESS has extensive experience in advanced services for big data, integration services, advanced analytics, and cloud services.

“Enterprise customers in Latin America have increased demands of their analytics, requiring sub-second query response times against huge datasets using their existing BI tools,” said Daniel Lopes, Head of Operations at ESS. “With Kyligence’s high performance precomputation layer, we can deliver interactive analytics to thousands of concurrent users on petabytes of data. Their use of machine learning to continually optimize SQL and MDX queries enables us to modernize our customer’s analytics architecture without disrupting their normal flow of business.”

Kyligence provides an intelligence performance layer that can deliver sub-second query response times on large datasets from traditional data warehouses and databases, data lakes, Hadoop clusters, and cloud storage systems like AWS S3 and Azure ADLS. The company’s AI-augmented data modeling and query engine enables unprecedented SQL and MDX query performance to thousands of concurrent users.

“We value the success ESS has achieved at a time of growing demand across every business sector for big data analytics,” said Li Kang, Head of North America, Kyligence. “Our goal with this partnership is to enable Latin American enterprises to greatly expand the scope of their data driven decision-making.”

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About Kyligence
Founded by the creators of Apache Kylin, Kyligence provides an intelligent analytics performance layer that sits between data sources (data warehouses, data lakes, cloud storage) and BI tools (Tableau, Qlik, Excel), making data marts and other analytics middleware unnecessary. The result is sub-second query response time for BI, SQL, OLAP, and Excel users even against petabytes of data. Kyligence also features an AI-augmented learning engine to ensure peak performance and vastly simplified data modeling.


Kyligence is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Investors include Redpoint Ventures, Coatue, Cisco, China Broadband Capital, Shunwei Capital, and Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited). Kyligence serves a global customer base that includes AppZen, McDonald’s, L’OREAL, Xactly, China Merchants Bank, and Huawei.

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