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Enable Interactive Big Data Analytics on Power BI

See how Kyligence delivers the fastest and most interactive analytics experience on Microsoft Power BI when working with Big Data.

Enhance Power BI with Kyligence


Watch Kyligence accelerate analytics on Power BI with this side-by-side comparison of Kyligence and Apache Hive.


A better BI experience on any size dataset

On-premises or on the Cloud, Kyligence ensures any business intelligence (BI) tool or analytics solution can work fast and scale reliably on Big Data. Enable your analysts to work with more data and accelerate their time-to-insight, all while saving time and simplifying infrastructure management for IT.

Kyligence's Augmented OLAP platform for Big Data makes this possible - for teams of any size and in any environment. Discover how Kyligence is able to provide the fastest and most interactive experience on Big Data with this comprehensive solution overview.


Upgrade all of your BI tools for faster analytics today


Don't waste another day on slow BI and struggling with an over-complicated analytics infrastructure. Get started with the only enterprise-ready OLAP platform that delivers unmatched speed and interactive analysis on Big Data.

This Kyligence product overview guide covers the ins and outs of Kyligence's Enterprise and Cloud products and is perfect for individuals who are looking for an introduction to Kyligence. It includes:



See for yourself how much value Kyligence Augmented OLAP can bring to Power BI and all of your other analytics investments with this guide to Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud. Download now!

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