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Cloud-Native Architecture

Kyligence's Cloud allows users to create fast, flexible, and cost-optimal big data analysis applications on a data lake that is based on cloud-native computing and storage. Kyligence supports Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, HUAWEI CLOUD, and Google Cloud platforms.​


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The Future is Cloud Native

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The Future is Cloud Native

Cloud-based data warehouses provide unparalleled elastic scaling, disaster recovery, and almost unlimited storage capacity at low total cost of ownership (TCO). Kyligence's cloud-native architecture satisfies the needs of enterprises in terms of high availability, multi-tenant isolation, high throughput, load balancing, and low monitoring and O&M workloads, ensuring your enterprise is prepared to embrace that future.

Easy to Scale In and Out

Kyligence's cloud-native architecture improves the elasticity of your computing resources. You can scale them in or out at any time and, if necessary, suspend all computing nodes.


With a technical architecture optimized for a lower TCO, Kyligence helps your enterprise reduce unit costs. You can use computing resources on-demand and pay only for the service you use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Real-Time Analysis of Massive Data

Kyligence enables the powerful OLAP of massive datasets in the cloud to help your business users generate instant insights anytime, anywhere.


Cloud-Based Security Assurance

Delivering enterprise-grade security, Kyligence provides multi-level data backups, recovery mechanisms, and row and column-level data controls, ensuring all-around security for your enterprise's data operations.

Maximize Resource Utilization

Maximizes Resource Utilization

Kyligence Cloud builds a cloud-based data lake as its storage based on object storage. With this architecture, all data can be stored easily and reliably in object storage systems, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, and ADLS at a low cost. With a complete suite of tools from cloud service providers, users can easily migrate their data application databases, logs, and apps to object storage systems. The architecture also uses virtual machines on the cloud for optimal computing while separating storage from the calculation, optimizing resource usage.

Support Peak Traffic while Reducing TCO with Elastic Scaling

Support Peak Traffic while Reducing TCO with Elastic Scaling

Kyligence Cloud supports the dynamic scaling of computing resources. The cluster is automatically scaled out with a higher number of concurrent users, and scaled in after the peak period ends. The flexible scaling and on-demand billing models of cloud service providers can further reduce TCO for Enterprises.

Deliver Stable and High-Availability Data Services

Deliver Stable and High-Availability Data Services

Kyligence Cloud adopts a cloud-native architecture that leverages the high availability of the cloud platform and improves system availability when it comes to resource management, computing, independent scalability of storage, distributed caching, consistent services, and much more.

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