Kyligence Certified Professional (KCP)

Training Introduction

Trainees will learn the core principle, the architecture, and the design and development process of Kyligence products, as well as advanced management skills such as product deployment, configuration and optimization. Through interactive lectures from instructor and hands-on practices in quantity, successful trainees will be qualified for independently using and operating Kyligence Enterprise in actual production scenarios.

Target Audiences and Pre-requisites

  • Data analyst, data miners, and business intelligence (BI), data warehouse (DW) and big data technicians, across industries.
  • Teachers and students from univeristies or research institutions whom are interested in big data analysis or data mining and its practices.
  • Trainees should have a foundational understanding of DW or OLAP and be familiar with Hadoop technologies, knowledge of Kyligence Enterprise and certification related to processing with Hadoop, is preferred.

Training Duration: 2 Days


Kyligence Certified Professional (KCP)


1. Hadoop & Big Data Analytics
  • Hadoop Eco-system
  • Enterprise Data Analytics in Age of Big Data
2. Kyligence Products Overview
  • Positioning & Features of Kyligence Enterprise
  • Principle & Architecture
  • New Functions
3. Kyligence Enterprise Deployment
  • Environment & Fast Deployment
  • Configurations & Override
4. Dementional Modeling & OLAP
  • OLAP Fundamental
  • Data Source Preparation & Import
  • Table Sampling & Cardinality
5. Model & Cube Design
  • Model Design
  • Computed Column
  • Dimensions & Aggregation Groups
  • Auto Dimension Optimization
  • Use of Measures
  • Table Index
6. Cube Building
  • Full Build & Incremental Build
  • Cube & Segment Management
7. SQL Query
  • Query Engines & Auto Routing
  • Cube Hit
  • Query Pushdown
8. Data Visualization
  • ODBC/JDBC Driver
  • Integrate with BI Tools
9. Product Security Control
  • Query Engines & Auto Routing
  • Project Access Control
  • Data Access Control
10. Product Routine Operation & Upgrade
  • Job Status & Tracking
  • Metadata Management & Disaster Recovery
  • Garbage Cleanup
  • Hadoop Components Status
  • Product Upgrade
11. Use REST API
  • Access & Authentication
  • REST API for Major Functions
Lab Practices:
  • Use Kyligence Enterprise for Empowering Data Analysis
  • Use REST API to Integrate with Product Functions
  • Use REST API to Integrate with Product Functions