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Last modified: Apr 18, 2022
1.Kyligence Product Support Service

Kyligence’s customers can enjoy the following product support services during their subscription period:


1) Product Upgrades

Kyligence’s customers can download and upgrade their Kyligence products to the latest version. For minor version product upgrades, customers can perform the upgrade by themselves according to the product manual; for major version and major iteration version upgrades[Appendix B], performing the upgrade will require a Kyligence member’s guidance.


2) Kyligence Knowledge Base Access

Kyligence’s customers have unlimited access to the Kyligence knowledge base.


3) Kyligence Technical Support Services

Kyligence’s customers have access to the Kyligence Support Portal where they can submit tickets for Kyligence products (including, but not limited to, Kyligence Enterprise, Kyligence Cloud, Kyligence Manager, and Kyligence Insight). The technical support services include remotely identifying issues, troubleshooting and providing solutions, and releasing fixes to the issues customers encounter.

2.Kyligence Product Support Service Duration

The duration of the Kyligence Product Support Service is in accordance with the subscription period specified in the contract. If the subscription is not renewed after the subscription period is over, the customer will not be able to use the Kyligence Product Support Service any longer.

3.Kyligence Technical Support Services

1) Kyligence Technical Support Services Exceptions

Kyligence does not provide technical support services in the following situations:

1) Software that has been altered or modified by anyone other than Kyligence staff;

2) A release of the software that has not been approved for general availability;

3) Software not installed on supported systems in accordance with applicable documentation;

4) Software versions beyond the end of the support lifecycle[Appendix A].


2) Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for providing sufficient information for troubleshooting purposes, including, but not limited to, recent environment and system changes, the operation procedures that caused the issue, system/log files from Kyligence products, and related components in the environment.


3) Support Contacts

The customer may designate up to (2) support contacts. Only designated support contacts can access the Kyligence Support Portal or call the Kyligence support hotline to submit support tickets.


4) Technical Support Channels

Designated support contacts can use the technical support services through the following channels:

  1. Submit a support ticket via the Kyligence Support Portal:
  2. Call the Kyligence support hotline (86) 400-9216-980 to submit a support ticket

Updates for the support ticket are sent to the designated support contact who submits the support ticket via email.

Note: The Kyligence support hotline is only used for support ticket submission and ticket status check.


5) Severity Levels


Severity Definition
Critical A production system is down or rendered unusable with no available workaround.
Significant The system is functioning with significantly reduced capacity and no available workaround. Business operations can continue in a limited fashion.
Normal Non-critical loss of software functionality. Usage of software is impacted but business operations can continue.
Minor A general usage or how-to question. An error is cosmetic in nature or has minimal impact on business operations.


6) Service Level Agreement

For Kyligence products deployed in the production environment, Kyligence technical support will meet the following initial response Service Level Agreement depending on the type of Support Subscription:


Severity Initial Response
Standard (8*5) Premium (24*7)
Critical 4 hours 2 hours
Significant 24 hours 4 hours
Normal 2 business days 24 hours
Minor 2 business days 24 hours
Appendix A: Kyligence Product and Support Lifecycle

The product lifecycle of a major version of a Kyligence product ends 24 months after its next major version’s general availability date. After a major version’s product lifecycle, its iteration is over. 6 months after the product lifecycle marks the end of the support lifecycle. Customers should upgrade to the next major version of the Kyligence product to get product upgrades and technical support service.

Appendix B:Kyligence Product Versions Explanation

Kyligence product’s version number is A.B.C.D, in which A is the major version number, B is the major iteration version number, C is the minor version number, and D is the build number.


Major Version: A major version release changes the major version number and build number (A.b.c.D). A new major version indicates key architecture changes and significant new features.


Major Iteration Version: A major iteration version release changes the major iteration version number and build number (a.B.c.D). A new major iteration version indicates new features and enhancements.


Minor Version: A minor version release changes the minor version number and build number (a.b.C.D). A new minor version indicates the enhancement of existing features.


Maintenance Version: A maintenance version release only changes the build number (a.b.c.D). A new maintenance version indicates only bug fixes.


Kyligence reserves all rights for the final explanation of this document and Kyligence reserves all rights at any time to amend the terms and conditions.

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