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Kyligence Managed Services

Learn how Kyligence Managed Services helps enterprises reduce the costs of infrastructure and labor in their data and analytics processes while increasing the productivity of their resources.

Lower Operational Labor Costs While Providing a Better Service


Kyligence Managed Services provide:

  • Service status monitoring and troubleshooting – monitor product running status via automated monitoring and operation tools, identify and resolve product failures and potential problems, and ensures the stable operation and SLA of Kyligence products.
  • Health checks and optimization recommendations – inspect running products on regular basis, examining the trends of the operational data, identify and solve latent risks, and give relevant optimization suggestions.
  • TCO monitoring and optimization – Kyligence's managed service team will record the product resource usage via daily monitoring and maintenance tools, provide professional advice on resource usage and management and communicate with customers about optimization suggestions to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while ensuring the system performance.


Read this service overview to learn more!

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