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Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 Product Overview

Learn how Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 helps you securely eliminate barriers to self-service analytics to quickly unlock new insights across your business.

Let your business do more with its data

No matter your industry, data is your most critical asset – and you have a lot of it. However, all the work collecting, storing, and managing that data is wasted if you can’t fully utilize it in your analytics and data science operations.

Kyligence Enterprise 4.0 makes it possible for any number of data users in your organization to work with all of the data they need for their analysis while running queries at record speeds, and at the same time reducing resource demands on IT and engineering.


Enable citizen data science across your organization

Data is needed across your organization immediately, and analysts and business users are demanding massive amounts of it. How do you enable your company to quickly conduct analysis on Big Data when their reporting needs are often changing? How do you prevent data requests from requiring hours or weeks of preparation and maintenance time?

You can do it with Kyligence Enterprise 4.0. By learning from user analysis behavior and data characteristics, Kyligence Enterprise automates the preparation of your data models and dramatically speeds up the analysis of massive datasets.

Inside this overview you can expect to find:


  • How you can reduce technical complexity, accelerate analysis, and scale reliably.
  • Details about how data analytics can be augmented, simplified, and scaled using Kyligence technology.
  • Business and technical use case examples for the Kyligence OLAP platform.


If you’re looking for faster insights and enterprise scalability, you need a solution that was built to handle the maximum, and you’ll find it with Kyligence. Download now!

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