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Simplifying Data Analysis Over the Cloud

See how Kyligence makes working with Big Data in the Cloud faster and easier to manage for IT teams and analysts.

Embracing Big Data and the Cloud: The Way Forward for SSAS Users

Learn what teams using SSAS can do to optimize their analytics on Big Data and move more of their work to the Cloud.

Augmented OLAP for Accelerated Analytics

Get an overview of Augmented OLAP, learn how it works, and see all the ways it streamlines your Big Data analytics.

What Augmented Analytics Means for Big Data

Learn how an Augmented Analytics approach to Big Data yields faster insights and unmatched concurrency for enterprises.

Enable Interactive Big Data Analytics on Power BI

See how Kyligence delivers a fast and interactive analytics experience on Microsoft Power BI when working with Big Data.

Why Xactly Chose Kyligence for Its Analytics Platform

Discover why Xactly determined Kyligence was the best choice for centralizing their Big Data analytics.

Accelerate Your BI with OLAP for Big Data

See how OLAP makes it easy to get lightning-fast business intelligence for thousands of concurrent users on any size dataset.

Understanding Extreme OLAP with Apache Kylin

Find out why Kylin's augmented take on traditional OLAP has revolutionized the way enterprises work with massive datasets.

Building Enterprise-Scale OLAP on Hadoop

Learn how IT and analytics teams still working with Hadoop can accelerate and scale their business intelligence on Big Data.
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