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Kyligence Releases Cloud Native OLAP for Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform
Sep. 25, 2019
Kylin Data Summit Hosted in Shanghai, Kyligence Announces Augmented Analytics Products
Jul. 11, 2019
Kyligence Enterprise v3 Extreme OLAP Engine Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Dec. 06, 2018
Kyligence Announces General Availability of Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 and Kyligence Cloud 2.0 Big Data Platforms
Jul. 05, 2018
Announcing Kyligence Cloud 2.0 – An Intelligent Cloud Big Data Platform
Jul. 05, 2018
Announcing Kyligence Enterprise 3.0 Release – The Next-Generation Big Data Analytics Platform
Jul. 05, 2018
Kyligence Announces General Availability of Kyligence Cloud BIg Data Platform to Accelerate Mission Critical Analytics at Strata Data Conference San Jose 2018
Mar. 08, 2018
Kyligence Releases ODBC Driver 2.0 to Provide Enterprise-Level Business Intelligence Tool Connectivity
Dec. 12, 2017
Launching Kyligence Robot, an Intelligent Advisor for Apache Kylin Users’ Big Data Operations
Oct. 16, 2017
Kyligence Announces KAP 2.4 That Accelerates SQL and OLAP on Hadoop BI
Jul. 17, 2017
Kyligence’s Big Data OLAP Analytics Platform (KAP) 2.3 Has Been Released
Mar. 23, 2017
Kyligence’s Big Data Analytics OLAP Platform (KAP) 2.1 Has Been Released
Dec. 16, 2016

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