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Strikingly Provides Website Builders with Built-in Data Analytics Service Powered by Kyligence


Web Development Tool Provider Reduces TCO by More Than 35% With Kyligence Managed Services


San Jose, Calif. – June 1, 2022 – Kyligence, today announced that Strikingly, a leading online web platform enabling individuals to build mobile-optimized websites, is using the Kyligence Cloud Platform and Managed Services to provide data services that enable website builders to perform faster web traffic analytics. Serving more than 5,000,000 global website builders, Strikingly chose Kyligence for its ability to support high concurrency and query response times within seconds.


“Kyligence Managed Services helps Strikingly reduce the costs of infrastructure and labor in their data and analytics processes while increasing the productivity of their resources,” said Joanna He, senior director, product growth, Kyligence. “As organizations transition to data-driven decision-making, they require the adopted SaaS products to provide in-product analysis abilities or data API to support their data needs.”


Serving millions of users in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, Strikingly’s built-in analytics, built on the Kyligence Cloud Platform, provides its customers with data on website traffic, user behavior and retention data including pageviews (PV) and user visits (UV).


“The data analytics service, based on Kyligence Cloud, has become a key touchpoint for us to improve our customer retention,” said Linghui Gong, vice president of engineering, Strikingly. “Our users are mainly non-technical people that need simple and easy-to-use analysis tools that are highly integrated with their websites. However, third-party analysis tools are often very complex and difficult to learn. With the cloud-native features of Kyligence Cloud, we transformed our original data service architecture from heavy and difficult to lightweight and efficient. With better data performance we have reduced our TCO by more than 35 percent.


Strikingly has experienced the following benefits with Kyligence:

  • The automated operation and maintenance monitoring capabilities provided by Kyligence Managed Services ensures better stability of the data services
  • Using the cloud-native architecture of Kyligence Cloud, it is no longer necessary to rely on Hadoop, which not only makes the entire architecture more lightweight, reducing hardware, operation and maintenance costs
  • The TCO after using Kyligence Cloud is 35 percent lower than the traditional deployment on Hadoop
  • With the increasing amount of data, the query speed after using Kyligence Cloud is nearly double the query speed of the previous traditional deployment method – providing a better user experience and improving user retention and payment rates


Kyligence Managed Services provide enterprise organizations with automated operation and maintenance tools, consultancy from experienced product experts, 99.9 percent SLA guarantee, and 24/7/365 support. Through daily monitoring and maintenance tools, Kyligence's experts record the product resource usage, give professional advice on resource usage and management and communicate with customers about optimization suggestions to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while ensuring the system performance.



About Kyligence


Kyligence was founded in 2016 by the original creators of Apache Kylin™, the leading open source OLAP for Big Data. Kyligence offers an Intelligent OLAP Platform to simplify multi-dimensional analytics for the cloud data lake. Its AI-augmented engine detects patterns from most frequently asked business queries, builds governed data marts automatically, and brings metrics accountability to the data lake to optimize the data pipeline and avoid excessive numbers of tables. It provides a unified SQL interface between cloud object stores, cubes, indexes, and underlying data sources with a cost-based smart query router for business intelligence, ad-hoc analytics, and data services at petabyte scale.


Kyligence is trusted by global leaders in financial services, manufacturing, and retail industries including UBS, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, Pingan Bank, MetLife, and Costa. With technology partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon, Tableau, and Huawei, Kyligence is on a mission to simplify and govern data lakes to be productive for critical business analytics and data services. Kyligence is dual headquartered in San Jose, CA, United States and Shanghai, China, and is backed by leading investors including Redpoint Ventures, Cisco, Broadband Capital, Shunwei Capital, Eight Roads Ventures, Coatue Management, SPDB International, CICC, Gopher Assets, Guofang Capital, ASG, Jumbo Sheen Fund, and Puxin Capital.


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