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Unlock Rewards for Introducing Kyligence

Are you impressed by Kyligence's game-changing solutions? Now, you have the opportunity to earn exciting rewards by simply referring new businesses to us through our B2B Referral Program. It's a win-win scenario where you help others discover the power of Kyligence while earning rewards for yourself.

All companies and individuals are eligible to participate in the referral program. Spread the word to your network, colleagues, and business contacts to maximize your chances of earning rewards.

The referral program will run for six months, providing ample time for you to make successful referrals and earn your rewards.
 When you refer a new business to us, provide the contact information of the referred business, including:
Business name, Contact person's name and role, Phone number, Email address.
To be eligible for a reward, the referred client must meet the following criteria:
The referred client must not be an existing Kyligence client. The referred client needs to use Kyligence Zen for a minimum of 3 months actively.
Referral Program
 Your rewards will be based on a percentage of the order value generated by the new client during their first 3 months with Kyligence. The reward percentages are determined by the number of successful referrals made by you, falling into three reward tiers:
  •  Earn a 10% reward for the first successful referral.
  •  Level up and receive a 15% reward for the second successful referral.
  •  Reach new heights with a remarkable 30% reward for every successful referral thereafter.
 For instance, let's say you made your first successful referral to Kyligence, and the new client spent $5,000 during their first 3 months. You would receive a $500 reward as a thank-you for your valuable contribution.
Don't miss this opportunity to earn enticing rewards while introducing businesses to Kyligence's transformative solutions. Join our Referral Program today and be a catalyst for growth!

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