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Apache Kylin: 5 Years and Accelerating

December 18, 2020 6:00 pm - December 18, 2020 9:00 am (UTC-7)

Apache Kylin 5th Anniversary


Apache Kylin has gained strong support from the open source community in all aspects since it graduated as the Apache Top Level Project in December 2015. Today, Kylin has grown to have more than 1,000 users all over the world. In the meanwhile, Kylin has also been evolved from v1.x, v2.x to v3.x; and now Kylin 4.0 is in progress. Kylin’s functionality, compatibility, stability, and usability has improved much since the beginning.



On the 5th anniversary of Kylin’s graduation, the Apache Kylin community (lead by the PMC) plans to hold an online celebration event on December 19th, 2020, to appreciate all users and contributors! On this event, the best practices from several major Kylin players will be demonstrated, the Kylin PMC members and committers will also share the new features as well as roadmaps.




Welcome Speech

Ted Dunning,

Apache Kylin Mentor,Member and Former Director of the Apache Software Foundation


Apache Kylin Roadmap

Shaofeng  Shi,Apache Kylin PMC Chair


eBay and Open Source & Apache Kylin in eBay

Lisa Li,PD manager of eBay CCOE ADI Team,eBay


The Practice of Apache Kylin in Beike Indicator System

Rusong Zhang,Senior engineer of Beike Data Platform,Beike


Real-time multi-dimensional analysis practice based on Apache Kylin in Autohome

Xingxing Di,Team leader of the real-time computing platform,Autohome


Leveraging analytics at OLX Group with Apache Kylin

Mateusz Jerzyk,Senior Data Engineer,OLX Group


Panel Talk:The Trend of Open Source 

Apache Spark、Clickhouse、Apache Hudi、Apache Kylin


Moments of Glory

Speaker Information

Ted Dunning

Apache Kylin Mentor

Lisa Li

PD manager of eBay CCOE ADI Team,eBay

Xingxing Di

Team leader of the real-time computing platform,Autohome

Rusong Zhang

Senior engineer of Beike Data Platform,Beike

Mateusz Jerzyk

OLX,Senior Data Engineer

Yang Li

Kyligence CTO

Xiao Li

Director of Spark R&D Team,Databricks

Wei Guo

Analysys CTO

Shaofeng Li

Apache Hudi Committer & PPMC​

Shaofeng Shi

Apache Kylin PMC Chair

Customer Testimonials

Trusted by Global Leaders

What You Can See...

1)Unknown story between Kylin project and Ted Dunning, Big Shot in Apache Community


2)In which directions will Kylin go, after 5 years open sourcing?


3)Fast scan community star use cases, indicator platform, and real time analysis


4)In addition to major Chinese internet companies, how does European famous ecommerce player use Kylin?


5)First time ever, key developers from Kylin and Clickhouse communities share the stage in China


6)What is next Big Data technology you cannot miss? How do tech big shots view Lake House and Data Lakehouse?


7)Winner of the Community Contribution Award ?

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