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How Can Retail Enterprises Lower the Cost of Cloud-Based Data Analytics in the Post Pandemic Era
Kyligence Intelligent Data Cloud helps solve the problems we had with our original application systems, such as data inaccessibility, disorganized master data management, and different KPI scopes. Its cloud-native approach leverages elastic scaling, demand-based resource allocation, and other features of the cloud, and helps us effectively control costs. Kyligence also provides comprehensive monitoring, which makes it very convenient for the IT team to operate and maintain, and to be informed of the real usage of business users.
Zuyu Yang, IT Portfolio Lead of International

An F&B Business Navigates COVID-19 with Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on businesses worldwide. To survive, industries across every vertical have had to embrace digital transformation, but few have had the pressure to do it as quickly as the F&B retail industry. To navigate this grim situation, a major F&B company has bet big on digital transformation, and it's paying off, allowing them to tap new sales opportunities and growth points, and eliminate expenses by empowering their entire business with IT.

Intelligent Data Cloud

Seamlessly Integrate with Azure

Seamlessly Integrate with Azure

The entire architecture uses Azure for its underlying layer with Microsoft's HDI running Spark in the background. Through Microsoft's Data Factory, a variety of data from the source system is stored on Blob, and complex business logic is processed using the Spark functions in HDI. After the data is processed, it's onboarded to Kyligence's cubes which business personnel can then use for their data analysis.

Business Architecture

Business Architecture 

Based on Kyligence's features, the business' architecture was divided into several key parts:

Achievements and Customer Feedback

Continue to use Excel without additional learning costs:

Kyligence allows users to continue to use Excel in the same way as they did before without any learning cost, thus making it highly acceptable by users.

Elastic scaling:

The elasticity of the cloud resources guarantees the ability to scale in and out on demand.


By pre-computing common user queries, users will always have consistent query performance regardless of the resources.

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