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Kyligence Enables an AI SAAS Company Building Data Product With Scalable

Data as a Service

Enable Data as a Service

Enable Data as a Service

This AI SaaS company stored its customer data in AWS in a fully managed mode. Due to the rapid business growth, data quickly accumulated and so did customers’ requirements for data access. A DaaS platform is urgently needed. To improve customer satisfaction and enhance user stickiness, the company needed to provide high-performance access APIs and various analysis reports to meet customer requirements. The company was also trying to find new revenue streams by providing value-added services to customers. 

One-Stop Cloud Data Service and Management Platform

One-Stop Cloud Data Service and Management Platform

Kyligence Cloud helps the customer with:

Achievements and Customer Feedback

1. Apache Hudi technology was introduced.

2. The Alluxio distributed caching service was integrated to cache hot data in memory or a local disk and store cold data in S3. This improved query access performance and reduced calls to S3 APIs. As a result, network bandwidth usage was minimized and the costs were further reduced.

3. Read and write were separated. Kyligence Cloud uses two Spark clusters, one for data processing and calculation and the other for online queries.

4. Airflow implemented fully automatic scheduling, reducing the latency of end-to-end incremental data updates to less than 1 hour.

5. All data calculations can be performed within the VPC, which is only accessible via a VPN, ensuring high security.

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