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Apache Kylin – Yet Another Hadoop Query Engine?

Find out why Apache Kylin isn’t just another Hadoop Query engine and read how this OLAP on Big Data platform accelerates analytics.

by Li Kang | Jan. 08, 2019

Why Did Meituan Develop Apache Kylin on Druid?

The Meituan team share their Apache Kylin on Druid (KoD) solution and explain the benefits of developing this hybrid system.

by Kyligence | Dec. 18, 2018

Apache Kylin v2.5.0 Release Announcement

The Apache Kylin community is pleased to announce the release of Kylin v2.5.0. Read about the latest enhancements to Apache Kylin.

by Shaofeng Shi | Sep. 21, 2018

Get Your Interactive OLAP Analytics Superpower, with Apache Kylin and Apache Superset (Incubating)

Learn how Apache Kylin and Superset combine to overcome the challenge of processing large volumes of enterprise data workloads.

by Kyligence | Jan. 22, 2018
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