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5 Cloud Analytics Tools Battle It Out: Why Kyligence Might Just Be Your Next Best Bet!

Explore these exceptional cloud analytics tools. Assess their pros, cons, and pricing to pinpoint the optimal one for your business.

by Joanna He | Nov. 06, 2023

Natural Language Query in Data Analytics: Definition, Benefits, and Examples

Learn what natural language query is and how it transforms your data analytics. Explore examples of natural language queries in Kyligence Zen.

by Joanna He | Nov. 02, 2023

How AI Disrupts Industry: Banking, Healthcare and Data Analytics

Discover how AI shapes banking, healthcare, and data analytics sectors. Get insights into the future of industry disruption to guide your decisions.

by Joanna He | Nov. 01, 2023

What is Decision Intelligence and How To Adopt it In Your Organization

Discover benefits of decision intelligence, difference from AI, use cases, and tips to adopt. Sign up on Kyligence Zen to begin.

by Yang Li | Oct. 26, 2023

OLAP vs. Other Approaches to Big Data Analytics

    It doesn’t take long to find a blog or article proclaiming: OLAP is dead! Because there is an unlimited scale in the cloud, the argument goes that you no ...
by Kyligence | Jun. 29, 2022

How to Accelerate Self-Service Analytics on Data Lakes

  Background   Spending on cloud infrastructure and services is accelerating. According to a recent report by IDC, worldwide “whole cloud” revenues totaled ...
by Joanna He | Jun. 18, 2022

Metrics Store vs Semantics Layer

  The dominant data architectures in today’s market differ greatly from preceding generations. Modern data stacks center around cloud data warehouses (Snowflake, Amazon ...
by Joanna He | Jun. 16, 2022

The Future of SQL Query Engine

Come to see the Next Generation of SQL Query Engine

by Lori Lu | Jun. 12, 2022

Alternatives to SSAS

Learn how to achieve alternatives to SSAS.

by Joanna He | Jun. 12, 2022

Using semantic layers with data marts

Learn Kyligence Cloud model design principles and how to use Kyligence Cloud to build models.

by Xiaodong Zhang | May. 24, 2022
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