About Kyligence

    Kyligence is a leading data intelligence company focusing on Big Data technologies and innovation. Founded by creators of Apache Kylin (an open source OLAP on Hadoop built for interactive analytics at petabyte-scale data), Kyligence offers next-generation data warehouse and business intelligence solution on top of Hadoop on-premises and on-cloud.


    Within 2 years open source, Apache Kylin has been recognized by industry very much, won 2015 and 2016 InfoWorld Bossie Award: The Best Open Source Big Data Tool. Adopted over 200 organizations globally as their core big data analytics platform, including eBay, Adobe, Baidu, Meituan, NetEase, China Mobile, China Telecom, OPPO, Toutiao and so on. Kyligence provides enterprise product: KAP (Kyligence Analytics Platform) powered by Apache Kylin, online tuning and optimization services: KyBot, also Cloud product on Azure and AWS.


Contact Us:

Email: info@kyligence.io
Phone:+86 021-61060928
Customer Service:400-921-6980
Address: Room 405, Bld Y1 No.112, Liangxiu Road,
Shanghai Pudong Software Park, Shanghai, 201203

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