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SSAS and Other Traditional OLAP Tools in the Era of Big Data

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) is a well-known OLAP engine and data mining tool that numerous companies use for business intelligence analysis. With the development of the mobile Internet and digital economy, data volume is growing exponentially, urging companies to incorporate the data obtained from more channels into analysis and decision-making. In addition, data analysis has become more complex, forcing companies to gain insights into data from more perspectives, in a more fine-grained manner, and even in real time, to drive efficient decision-making.


As a result, conventional OLAP technology like SSAS is starting to show its age. Solutions like SSAS cannot load and process massive data sets and have an unacceptably long response time for complex analysis scenarios.


With SSAS, expansion involves high hardware requirements and is far from smooth. In addition, SSAS is not a cloud-native solution nor a cost-optimal choice if opened to a wide range of users.


Those issues have left many SSAS and legacy OLAP users asking the question, is there an alternative out there that provides the OLAP function, better performance, and lower TCO in the era of big data?

Make Breakthroughs and Move to Cloud

Make Breakthroughs and Move to Cloud

Founded in the era of big data, Kyligence provides cloud-native solutions to meet the diverse analysis requirements of today's enterprises.

 Kyligence's SSAS alternative solution to migrate data and user information over to Kyligence's Intelligent Data Cloud, which allows for organizational and analytical breakthroughs in the form of analysis efficiency, perspective, breadth, and granularity while requiring no changes to current analysis habits. Through this, the value of your enterprises' data is maximized significantly.

Distributed and Scalable OLAP Engine

Distributed and Scalable OLAP Engine

Kyligence's big data solutions provide customers with the following value:

Scale-out architecture

A scale-out and cloud-native solution greatly improves the scalability of the system and reduces the difficulty of expanding the system’s capabilities.

Unlimited data volume and dimensions

Multidimensional cubes in SSAS have physical limits on data volume and the number of dimensions. Kyligence reinvented the engine to remove these limits.

Moving to the cloud

Cloud-native architecture to ingest data from cloud data lakes or data warehouses, and provide data services to integrate with any applications.

Higher ROI

Resources are elastically managed to save infra cost, to expand clusters when they need a lot of resources, and shrink when they are idle.


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