Solutions for Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Accelerate all of your analytics work with the only platform that delivers a reliable high-performance Big Data analytics experience for the Cloud.

Maximize your IT investments in the Cloud

Cloud technology has been a tremendous boon to organizations looking to improve operational agility while lowering resource costs, but it hasn’t been a silver bullet. One area where this is clear is with analytics. Businesses looking to continue supporting their demanding Big Data initiatives while scaling that work on the Cloud have found themselves struggling to ensure the analytics performance they need to succeed.

Augmented OLAP from Kyligence provides a way forward, offering a unified Big Data platform built specifically for supporting high-performance analytics work on the Cloud with all major business intelligence (BI) tools.


High-performance Cloud analytics for maximum speed at any scale

With Kyligence Augmented OLAP, companies can get unified management for all of their Big Data analytics work on the Cloud, using any major Cloud provider and with any BI tool – all while reducing demands on IT’s time and resources.

Kyligence makes it possible for IT teams to deliver an accelerated Big Data analytics experience to their BI users and data science teams at any scale, and with no degradation in performance as data volumes or users increase. Here’s what teams using Kyligence for their Cloud analytics can expect:

  • The fastest Big Data queries on the Cloud.
  • Visualized intelligent modeling.
  • High-performance Cloud analytics, even with 100K+ users.
  • Enhanced interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.

Learn how to start using your current IT investments in the Cloud to simplify and accelerate your business’ Big Data analytics environment with this solution overview for Kyligence Cloud OLAP analytics.

Accelerate all of your analytics work in the Cloud with Kyligence

Get started transforming your current Cloud environment into a powerhouse for analyzing Big Data. Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP platform for the Cloud provides everything your IT organization needs to easily manage and scale your analytics while enabling the fastest query speeds on any size dataset for any number of analysts across your company.

Find out how Kyligence is able to deliver all of these improvements and much more with this solution overview for businesses looking to accelerate and scale their Big Data analytics work on the cloud. It includes:


  • An overview of how Kyligence works with your current Cloud platform.
  • A look at the full feature set and benefits Kyligence brings to the Cloud.
  • Use cases for Kyligence analytics on the Cloud.


See why 1,000s of leading enterprises have already made the switch to Augmented OLAP for unbeatable analytics performance both on-premises and on the Cloud. Download now!

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