Accelerate Big Data Analytics in Microsoft Excel​

Learn how Kyligence accelerates work on Microsoft Excel while allowing analytics teams to seamlessly scale users and analyze more data than ever before.

A powerful enhancement for your most versatile analytics tool

For most organizations, Microsoft Excel remains an analytics workhorse. But in the age of Big Data, many are finding that Excel struggles to keep up with modern analytics workloads. The good news is that you don't need to adopt a whole new BI tool to work with Big Data or accept limitations on your work with Excel just to keep things running.

Enhancing your Excel deployment with Augmented OLAP analytics by Kyligence delivers the high-performance analytics experience your analytics team needs to do their best work, all without having to give up the features, capabilities, and ease-of-use Excel provides.


Unlock high-performance Big Data analytics on Microsoft Excel

With Kyligence, teams using big data in Excel can enjoy the fastest and most scalable analytics experience when working on massive datasets.

On premises or on the Cloud, IT and data engineering teams can simplify their workflows, streamline BI tool management, and easily add new users without taking a hit to performance using Kyligence's centralized Augmented OLAP platform for Big Data analytics.

Kyligence enables IT and their analytics teams to:

  • Get the best Excel performance when working on massive datasets.
  • Use more data in Excel for more complex analysis and better insights.
  • Seamlessly scale up operations to over 100,000 users.
  • Adopt a self-service and more interactive approach to analytics.

Learn how Kyligence allows you to do all of this and more with this Kyligence solution overview for teams using Excel for Big Data analytics.

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