Solutions for Accelerating BI on Big Data

Generate faster insights across all of your business intelligence (BI) solutions with the leading platform for accelerating analytics on Big Data.

Business intelligence that excels at Big Data

The analytics landscape has changed. Datasets have grown considerably and new technologies like Machine Learning and AI bring with them an insatiable demand for more data, and an infrastructure capable of handling it all. This has IT teams working relentlessly to provide a reliable and fast analytics experience to a growing number of BI users.

Kyligence Augmented OLAP makes consistently delivering ultra-high analytics performance on any volume of data easy, so IT teams can save time and resources while analysts generate insights faster than ever before.


Unmatched speed and scalability – for all of your BI tools

Kyligence’s Augmented OLAP platform for Big Data empowers analysts by dramatically enhancing the speed of their queries while also providing near-limitless scalability, useful integrations, and self-service capabilities that deliver significant time and cost savings to their IT and data engineering teams.

With Kyligence, businesses can simplify the management of their big data business intelligence tools and unify their entire Big Data analytics environment. They’ll also enjoy:

  • The fastest queries when working with Big Data.
  • Scalability to over 100K users with no cost to performance.
  • Rich API support and integrations for all major BI tools.
  • Interactive and self-service analytics capabilities.

Learn how Kyligence makes BI on Big Data fast and easy to manage with this solution overview for accelerating BI on Big Data.

For the fastest insights on the largest datasets, get Kyligence

If your business is looking to embrace Big Data, or if you’re already working with it in you analytics today, then it’s a good time to see what Kyligence Augmented OLAP can do to help your team significantly improve time-to-insight.

This solution overview offers a great technical foundation for understanding the performance enhancements and capabilities Kyligence enables and why its unique Augmented OLAP approach makes it ideal for analytics on Big Data. You’ll also receive:


  • A full introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your architecture.
  • Use cases for accelerating BI with Kyligence, both on-premises and on the Cloud.
  • The complete analytics feature set Kyligence provides.


Get started today with the leading Big Data platform for accelerating business intelligence and see why 1,000s of enterprises trust Kyligence to help them generate the fastest possible insights. Download now!

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