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Why Xactly Chose Kyligence for Its Analytics Platform

Discover why Xactly determined Kyligence was the best choice when it came time to centralize their Big Data analytics.

Case Study: Xactly and Kyligence


Hear from Xactly about their experience evaluating solutions for their centralized analytics platform and why they went with Kyligence.


The right choice for accelerating your analytics

Big Data and technologies like Machine Learning and AI have created new opportunities for analysts and the products their businesses create, but with these opportunities comes more demands on your data infrastructure.

This is why 1,000s of enterprises are taking an Augmented OLAP approach to their analytics with Apache Kylin and Kyligence to supercharge their business intelligence (BI) environments and reduce workloads for IT. Learn how these two solutions work and how they differ with this comparison guide.


Find the best solution for your Big Data needs 


While Xactly may have gone with Kyligence as their analytics platform provider, you do have choices when it comes to integrating Augmented OLAP into your IT infrastructure.

This comparison guide for Apache Kylin and Kyligence outlines the benefits these two leading OLAP offerings provide as well as their limitations. It has all you need to understand the ins and outs of both of these powerful Big Data solutions as well as get a better understanding of modern OLAP and how it differs from traditional analytics approaches. You'll also receive:


  • A side-by-side comparison of Apache Kylin and Kyligence features.
  • A high-level explanation of both solutions and where they work best.
  • An overview of key capabilities for both Kylin and Kyligence.


Learn why Xactly and other leading companies are choosing Apache Kylin and Kyligence for their Big Data analytics, and see which one is right for your business. Download now!

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