Surpassing Data Limitations Using Kyligence on MapR

Here's why a major SaaS provider chose Kyligence to scale their production systems on MapR when in-memory technology was no longer enough.

Faster insights built from all of your data, not just parts of it

SaaS providers are in a constant battle to provide the best insights for their customers. Sales and marketing teams rely heavily on their business analytics software to make confident decisions quickly, and won’t hesitate to drop a tool if it’s slowing them down.

That’s why when a leading SaaS provider of sales analytics solutions could no longer scale their product with in-memory technology, they turned to Kyligence to improve their production systems on the MapR Platform.


Break free of limitations on your Big Data analytics solutions

Whether you’re an SaaS provider or you’re building internal analytics tools, you shouldn’t have to accept insights crafted from just a fraction of the data available. You also don’t have to trade the speed and scalability of your tools to ensure the business decisions being made with them are fully informed.

Learn how one organization accomplished this with their solution built with Kyligence Augmented OLAP and MapR. With Kyligence, this SaaS company was able to substantially accelerate query performance while reducing preprocessing challenges, improving schema management, and streamlining the update process for their data models.

This case study explains how they did this as well as how they dealt with:


  • Excessive memory resource demands.
  • Lacking system scalability with high cardinality dimensions.
  • Constant developer maintenance, debugging issues in production.


Start learning how you too can overcome these challenges with your own solutions. Download the case study now!


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