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Simplifying Data Analysis Over the Cloud

See how Kyligence makes working with Big Data in the Cloud faster and easier to manage for IT teams and the data users they support.

Streamline Your Cloud Analytics

Learn why Augmented OLAP provides the easiest path to accelerated analytics and ultra-high concurrency in the Cloud.

Experience everything the Cloud has to offer Big Data analytics

While the Cloud was supposed to enable greater operational agility and more cost-effective scalability, many organizations have seen those benefits evaporate when moving their Big Data analytics work to it.

Kyligence Cloud helps businesses preserve the advantages promised by moving to the Cloud with the industry's leading platform for Big Data analytics. This solution overview for Kyligence Cloud has everything you need to know to understand why no other solution can match the query speeds, feature set, and reliable concurrency Kyligence provides.


No matter your Cloud analytics needs, Kyligence delivers


Whether your analytics work still takes place on-premises and you're trying to move it to the Cloud or you're already transitioned and are looking to optimize your performance, Kyligence's Augmented OLAP platform for Cloud analytics can help.

Discover why 1,000s of organizations worldwide are turning to Kyligence OLAP to accelerate and scale their business intelligence (BI) tools and solutions on the Cloud. This overview will get you started building a technical understanding of Kyligence and whether it's right for your business. It will also show you:



The best time to start looking at OLAP for improving your Cloud analytics was yesterday, but the next best time is today. Download now!

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