Personalizing Customer Experiences with Big Data on Azure

Discover how a world-renowned apparel company was able to offer more unique customer experiences using Big Data and AI on the Cloud with Azure and Kyligence.

Weave your data into tailor-made experiences for your customers

In the world of fashion, companies live and die by their ability to anticipate trends and build brand loyalty. Big Data and the agility of the Cloud have made this easier, but this has put pressure on analysts and their BI tools to move fast in order to be the first to launch new trends and provide unique customer experiences.

So when one of the world’s most renowned fashion brands found themselves lagging behind their peers, they turned to Kyligence to give their Cloud analytics platform a makeover that accelerated their customer insights and put them back on top.


Set trends before your competition can with the fastest analytics on the Cloud

For many analytics teams, Cloud platforms offer tremendous value in terms of enhancing operational agility and lowering IT costs. However, this transition from an on-premises to Cloud environment isn’t without challenges. While scaling up users and data usage may be easier, this can take a heavy toll on analytics performance and leave your company falling behind when it comes to generating new ideas.

Learn about how one business overcame these challenges by working with Kyligence to develop a high-performance analytics environment for Big Data on Microsoft Azure that helped them become more responsive to rapidly changing customer needs and tastes.

Download this case study to learn more about how Kyligence Augmented OLAP helped this company address:


  • Inconsistent data quality across their systems.
  • Queries too slow to keep up with their fast-paced industry.
  • Insufficient support for interactive analysis.


Read about how this company harnessed Big Data on the Cloud to create personalized experiences for their customers, through every touch point. Download now!

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