Kyligence Insight for Apache Superset

See how Kyligence helps Superset users accelerate their Big Data analytics and generate more powerful business insights.

Interactive Analytics with Superset

Watch how Kyligence makes it easy to get fast, interactive analytics on Big Data with Apache Superset.


Business intelligence that delivers deeper insights

Big Data has made it possible for analysts to ask better questions that lead to smarter, more impactful business decisions, but this has come at a high cost for IT teams who must now work relentlessly to build connections between stakeholders and their data.

It doesn't need to be so complicated. Kyligence offers IT a way to reduce their workloads while providing analysts access to the data they need to do their best work. This solution overview explains how.


Get self-service analytics that lets your analysts do more

An effective high-performance, self-service analytics platform should provide analysts the speed and interactivity they need to deliver actionable insights, but it must also help IT teams simplify their data management work and save time.

This can be a tall order for most contemporary analytics solutions, especially when dealing with massive datasets. Kyligence avoids this problem by taking an Augmented OLAP approach to Big Data that makes it easy to build an environment that empowers IT and their data users.

This self-service solution overview explains how Kyligence's suite of on-premises and big data analytics cloud products makes all of this possible. It also offers:


  • An introduction to Kyligence and how it fits into your analytics environment.
  • Use cases for self-service OLAP with Kyligence.
  • A full list of Kyligence's features and capabilities.


Your journey towards a more efficient and powerful business intelligence environment starts today. Download now!

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