Kyligence Insight 1.0 Datasheet

Learn how Kyligence Insight 1.0 provides analytics teams the fastest path to new ideas with a self-service solution built for Big Data analytics.

Everything you need to know about Kyligence Insight 1.0

To survive, modern businesses must be able to respond quickly to competitive threats and changes in the market. This puts tremendous pressure on analysts who struggle to provide timely insights as they wait for queries to run or for data connections to be built. IT, meanwhile, is overworked trying to hold everything together with a slow and complex analytics infrastructure.

Kyligence Insight 1.0 provides a solution that addresses the needs of both IT and their data users with a self-service OLAP analytics platform designed to quickly get analysts the data they need while reducing workloads for IT and engineering.


Empower all of your data users with Kyligence self-service analytics

Delivering an effective self-service analytics experience for Big Data across your organization demands an architecture that is fast, unified, and reliable on any data volume - both on-premises and on the Cloud. Kyligence helps IT and engineering teams meet these needs while streamlining their own workflows with the industry's fastest self-service analytics platform for Big Data.

This datasheet presents a comprehensive review of Kyligence Insight 1.0 that provides additional background on the solution and answers key technical questions. You'll also be able to read about:


  • The full suite of features Kyligence Insight offers.
  • Technical requirements for Kyligence Insight and recommendations for optimizing your Big Data infrastructure.
  • Additional information about supported integrations with popular BI tools.


Get started enhancing your current analytics environment with an Augmented OLAP solution that promotes greater self-sufficiency for your data users and easier management for IT. Download now!

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