Kyligence Cloud: AWS Quick Start Guide via Kyligence Portal

Get going with Kyligence Cloud AWS Global via Kyligence Cloud portal with this step-by-step quick start guide.

Getting Started with Kyligence Cloud on AWS

This article will guide you to get started quickly with Kyligence Cloud on AWS platform. And Chrome (64.0.* or higher version) is recommended.


Before you begin

Kyligence Cloud requires authorization to operate your cloud resources. Please refer to Prerequisites to get accounts and permissions prepared.



  1. Visit Kyligence Cloud Installer wizard, and select the cloud platform you want to deploy on.

  1. Provide authorization information to allow resource creation for the deployment.
  • Region to deploy: The AWS region to deploy Kyligence Cloud
  • Access Key ID: Please create an Access Key under your AWS account, and provide its Access Key ID
  • Secret Access Key: Please provide the Secret Access Key of the above Access Key

  1. Enter the following information on the basic information page:
  • Create Stack Name: We use AWS CloudFormation service to deploy Kyligence Cloud, please name your CloudFormation stack
  • EC2 Type: The EC2 type to deploy Kyligence Cloud
  • Key Pair: With which to securely login into your EC2 instance with SSH
  • RDS Type: Used to store metadata of Kyligence Cloud

After completing the information, please click Deploy to start the deployment and jump to the progress page of the deployment process.

  1. Once deployment succeeded, please click the URL of Kyligence Cloud to enter the home page.

Kyligence Cloud will automatically create the required resources and services in your AWS region. The entire process takes about 20 minutes, and the duration may vary due to different network conditions.

  1. You will be prompted to enter your Kyligence Cloud license for the first entry. Please upload your license file.

If you are trying Kyligence Cloud for the first time, you can apply for a trial license at Kyligence official website, and then download you in Trial Welcome Email Trial License File

  1. Enter the default username and password to log in to Kyligence Cloud
    • Username: ADMIN
    • Password: KYLIN


Create workspace

After Kyligence Cloud was deployed, you need to create a workspace to connect datasource and speed up queries.

You need to fill the following information on the create workspace page:

  • Workspace Name: Please enter a workspace name
  • Datasource Type:
    • On the AWS Global platform, you can choose Amazon S3 or Snowflake as the data source
    • On the AWS China platform, you can choose Amazon S3 as the data source

If you use Snowflake as your data source, you need to enter the username, password and JDBC connection string, for example:

jdbc: snowflake: // db = demo & warehouse = demo
  • SSH Credential: Please create an SSH key to access your query engine
  • S3 Bucket: Please select the S3 bucket to store data
  • Cluster size: Please enter the volume of data. Kyligence Cloud will recommend the cluster configuration for you. You can click "Enable Custom size" to view the cluster details.

After completing the cluster information form, click Submit and Start, Kyligence Cloud will automatically create the clusters. The creation process takes about 5-10 minutes.


Import sample data

Now sample data is only available with Amazon S3 data source. If you use Snowflake as the datasource, please refer to Snowflake Datasource Document to add data source.

There is a built-in sample dataset about NYC_Taxi in Kyligence Cloud, which includes green taxi travel data in January 2019. In the Data Source page, click Add Table, select Import Sample Table, and import the sample table and model. To learn about the schema, please refer to Sample Model document.

When the prompt "Import successfully" appears on the page, please go to the model interface and click the Aggregation Index-Build Index button under the nyc_taxi_green_trip model to load data for the model for analysis.

It takes about 5-8 minutes to build index. You can check the progress on the Job page, and use the data set for analysis after the build is completed.



Kyligence Insight is an out-of-box visualization tool in Kyligence Cloud. Use that as an example.


Install and launch Kyligen Insight

On the BI Tools page, click "Install and start" under the built-in Kyligence Insight, and wait for the installation to enable Kyligence Insight.


Create dataset

  1. Select the sample project and enter the Dataset page.Then click the +Dataset button in the top left corner and select the Dataset Usage as SQL.
  2. Define dataset: First name the dataset as Nyc_Taxi in Basic Information and click Next.

Drag the desired model to the right in Define Relationships and click Next.

  1. Define Semantics:In Defining Semantics, you can define as follows:
  • Click the edit button on the right of the dimension to change the dimension name, for example, rename PICKUP_DATETIME in the GREEN_TRIP_DATA table to "PICKUP_TIME".
  • Click the edit button on the right of the measure to change the measure name.
  • Click the +Add Hierarchy button to create a hierarchy.
  • Click the +Calculated Measure button and enter Calculated Measure Name and Expression to create a calculated measure.

Once all the definitions have been completed, click the Submit button to save the data set.


Create Chart

Click Chart from the navigation bar, then click the +Chart button, select the new Nyc_Taxi dataset, and click Submit to start visualization.

Drag dimensions and measures to the right panel, then click Run Query to execute the query and render the chart.

Take this as an example, first click the Click to change visualization type button in the page and select the visualization type as Bar Chart. Drag “PYAMENT_TYPE_TYPE” as the dimension, drag "GREEN_TRIP_DATA_TOTAL_AMOUNT_SUM" as the measure, then you can get the total order amount of each payment type.

Once you have the chart, you can save your chart by clicking the Save button on the page, or you can download the query result set by clicking the Export CSV button.

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