Kyligence Cloud 3.0 Product Overview

Learn how Kyligence 3.0 offers an end-to-end Big Data analytics experience in the Cloud that delivers record-breaking query performance and unmatched ease of use for IT teams and the analysts they support.

More powerful Cloud analytics for them and less work for you

More and more IT teams are moving their Big Data analytics work to the Cloud to improve performance, scalability, and lower operational costs, but many are finding it a challenge to realize most of these benefits – especially all at once!

Kyligence Cloud 3.0 was created specifically to address these challenges when working with Big Data on the Cloud and has been purpose-built to offer the best performance on the largest datasets when working in the Cloud, all while being easy to use and manage for IT and data engineering teams.


Get set up with high-performance Cloud analytics in just a few minutes

Integrating and making full use of your data is critical for staying competitive, but how do you enable insights across an entire enterprise without your Cloud resource costs skyrocketing? And how do you prevent system instability with thousands of users concurrently analyzing petabytes of data in the Cloud? ​​

The answer is Kyligence Cloud 3.0. With its easy to use interface, cloud-native integration, and a unified semantic layer, Kyligence Cloud 3.0 enables the fastest insights at web-scale. Fully integrated with all major Cloud service providers, Kyligence OLAP enables IT departments to elastically scale their resources, on-demand, to meet the demands of Big Data analytics work.

Inside this product overview you can expect to find:​


  • How you can lower the TCO of Big Data analytics in the Cloud.​
  • Details about making high-performance analytics on the Cloud easier to manage.
  • Use cases that make effective use of the Kyligence platform for analytics.​​


If you’re looking for faster insights and enterprise scalability, you need a solution that was built for the Cloud, and you’ll find it with Kyligence. Download now!

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