Kyligence Cloud 3.0 Datasheet

Read up on Kyligence Cloud 3.0's features and integrations with this datasheet that has all you need to get started accelerating Cloud analytics.

Everything you need to know about Kyligence Cloud 3.0

Effectively working with Big Data in the Cloud requires solutions that are simple to roll out, easy to use, and extremely flexible. Having the ability to scale resources on demand for Big Data analysis gives your organization the ability to quickly and cost-effectively respond to changes in the market.

Kyligence Cloud 3.0 makes this possible. Providing an Augmented OLAP Cloud analytics platform, Kyligence delivers the industry's fastest analysis on massive datasets while lowering the total-cost-of-ownership of your Cloud infrastructure.


Take your next step towards accelerated analytics on the Cloud

Prepare your Cloud analytics environment to handle any data-driven business initiative - no matter the scale. Kyligence's Augmented OLAP approach will give your analysts and data science teams the speed and capabilities they need to not just get their jobs done effectively, but to also get them done fast.

This datasheet contains all of the key technical information about Kyligence Cloud 3.0 you need to get started with this solution. Inside, you can expect to find the following:

  • A detailed list of features Kyligence Cloud 3.0 provides IT teams and their analysts.​
  • Technical requirements and recommendations for an optimal Cloud Big Data environment.
  • Information regarding supported integrations with the most popular BI tools.


If you’re looking for a scalable solution for end-to-end analytics on Big Data, you need a solution that was purpose-built to handle it. Kyligence Cloud 3.0 is that solution. Download now!

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