How Analytics Teams Using SSAS Can Embrace Big Data and the Cloud

Overcome the limitations of SSAS and modernize how your team does analytics.

Can SSAS Support Your Analytics Goals?

You’ve been using SQL Server Analytics Services and you love it. The only problem is:

  • It doesn’t work very well with the latest tech
  • It wasn’t built to handle Big Data or large teams
  • And worst of all, it still isn’t available in the Cloud

The good news, it’s possible to overcome SSAS’ shortcomings, and you won’t even need to give up the capabilities you rely on today. This webinar will show you how.

Embrace Big Data and the Cloud

Here's how SSAS-based teams can bring their analytics into the 21st century.

Everything You Need to Get Started with Big Data and the Cloud

You don’t have to let SSAS dictate how your team does analytics. Learn how Kyligence can help you:

  • Migrate your SSAS-based workload to the Cloud
  • Supercharge your SSAS applications cost-effectively
  • Get unlimited scale of data and sub-second responses
  • Optimize your SQL/MDX queries for performance
  • And ensure enterprise-grade security

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Get Analytics Without Limits

No matter how much data you work with or what tools and features you rely on, if you’re using SSAS today, we can help you generate more insights and generate them faster – on premises and in the cloud.

This SSAS solution overview offers a great introduction to how you and your team can quickly and seamlessly transition from your dependence on SSAS to a next-generation platform build for Big Data and cloud analytics.

Inside this overview you’ll learn:

  • The key challenges SSAS-based teams face when moving to Big Data and the cloud and what to watch out for
  • What critical capabilities SSAS is missing today that you’ll want as you transition to Big Data and the cloud
  • How Kyligence approaches these challenges and where we can help you

Don’t settle for an analytics environment that can’t keep up. Download your solution overview now.

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