What Augmented Analytics Means for Big Data

Learn how an Augmented Analytics approach to Big Data yields faster insights and unmatched concurrency for enterprises.

Accelerate BI with Augmented Analytics


Discover why nothing supercharges business intelligence (BI) performance on Big Data like Augmented OLAP.


Superior analytics performance on any data volume

Big Data has created new opportunities for data users of all types across the enterprise, but it has also made analytics work more demanding. IT now manages multiple tools and connections, all while fighting to ensure a high-performance BI experience to stakeholders.

Delivering world-class analytics doesn't have to be a struggle. An Augmented Analytics approach to Big Data with Kyligence offers IT a way of streamlining infrastructure management while providing unmatched BI performance and concurrency for instant insights. This solution overview guide explains how.


Future-proof your BI environment with Augmented Analytics for Big Data


As the scope and complexity of your business' analytics initiatives grows, you'll need a strategy to keep operations efficient and manageable while also providing the functionality and capabilities your data users need to do their best work.

Kyligence Augmented OLAP offers a way forward that saves time and resources for IT and accelerates analytics for their stakeholders. This solution overview guide provides a great introduction to Augmented Analytics application along with:



Get started with Augmented OLAP right away. This solution overview guide has everything you need. Download now!

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