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Augmented OLAP for Accelerated Analytics

Get an overview of Augmented OLAP, learn how it works, and see all the ways it streamlines your Big Data analytics.

Augmented OLAP for Instant Insights


See how Augmented OLAP makes generating powerful insights on Big Data fast and easy.


Query performance that breaks records on Big Data

Each day, 1,000s of leading enterprises and Fortune 500 businesses turn to Augmented OLAP to transform their data into the insights that keep them at the top of their industry.

With Kyligence, not only do these organizations get unmatched query performance on Big Data, they're also able to simplify BI tool and analytics infrastructure management for their IT and engineering teams - saving significant time and money. Learn how Kyligence makes this possible with this solution overview guide that covers both Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud.


Accelerate beyond the limits of traditional analytics engines


Get started building an analytics environment that always delivers when it comes to query speeds, scalability, and high concurrency on massive datasets. Only Kyligence Augmented OLAP makes this possible and provides the enterprise-grade capabilities and features that empower analysts to do their best work while preserving critical IT resources for more important tasks.

You'll find everything you need to take your next step in this solution overview guide for Kyligence Enterprise and Kyligence Cloud. Inside you'll find:



There has never been a better time to modernize your analytics infrastructure to excel on Big Data. Download now!

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