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Accelerate Your BI with OLAP for Big Data

See how OLAP makes it easy to get lightning-fast business intelligence (BI) for thousands of concurrent users on any size dataset.

Upgrade Your Analytics with OLAP


Discover what makes Augmented OLAP from Kyligence the fastest and most scalable way to work with BI on Big Data.


See what Augmented OLAP makes possible for BI

As data volumes rise and analytics work begins to shift from on-premises to Cloud environments, IT teams can find themselves struggling to help analysts get their work done while managing query speeds, data connections, and concurrency issues.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution. This solution overview guide lays out how adopting an Augmented OLAP platform from Kyligence provides analysts with the fastest BI experience on Big Data while saving IT time and resources.


Accelerate time-to-insight for all of your data users


Don't tolerate another second of slow query speeds and an analytics environment that can't keep up with Big Data. Make the move to OLAP today.

Find out how Kyligence's suite of Augmented OLAP solutions enables IT and engineering teams to both simplify BI tool and infrastructure management and guarantee the performance and self-service their analysts need to deliver fast answers to leadership. This solution overview guide has everything you need, including:



Discover what an OLAP approach to business intelligence can do for your team. Download now!

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