Accelerate BI with OLAP for Big Data

See for yourself how OLAP BI powered by Kyligence OLAP analytics makes it easy to achieve sub-second query speeds for thousands of concurrent users on any size dataset.

Extreme OLAP for Big Data

See why OLAP for Big Data technology delivers faster analytics insights than anything else.

Discover What OLAP Analytics Makes Possible

Lightning-fast insights on any size dataset, that’s what you can expect from OLAP analytics. And only OLAP analytics on Kyligence’s Big Data platform offers enterprise-grade performance and dedicated support, so you and your Big Data team can operate with maximum efficiency.


See Why OLAP BI Is Better with Kyligence

No matter how your team approaches analytics, Kyligence has you covered. Not only do we work seamlessly with every leading business intelligence solution including Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, we’re also unmatched in how we enhance their speed and scalability.

Working with datasets in the petabytes? No problem! Our augmented OLAP BI and OLAP Cube technology makes quickly uncovering insights on massive datasets a breeze.


OLAP for Big Data in Any Environment

We also work across all popular cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, giving you the OLAP tools you need for the fastest possible Big Data analytics in the cloud.

On-premises, private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Get the leading OLAP analytics solution that works across them all.

Get started with OLAP BI for your analytics

Find out why thousands of organizations and Fortune 100 analytics and data science teams are choosing Kyligence Enterprise and Cloud OLAP technology to supercharge their Big Data insight generation.

Don’t waste another critical minute struggling with slow query speeds and BI tools that can’t scale with your datasets. Get on the path to accelerated analytics with our Kyligence solution guide. Inside you’ll get:

Discover what OLAP BI and an OLAP analytics approach can do for your team.  Get on the path to better BI today!

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