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How Kyligence helped a SaaS company cut cloud costs by 50%

In this video, Kyligence CTO Yang Li shares a detailed customer case study on how Strikingly, a popular website design and development platform, achieved a 50% reduction ...

Embracing Big Data and the Cloud: The Way Forward for SSAS Users

Learn what teams using SSAS can do to optimize their analytics on Big Data and move more of their work to the Cloud.

Quick Demo of Kyligence Zen with Excel

A walkthrough demo of how Kyligence Zen helps you democratize data analysis, achieve high-performance OLAP engine for Excel, and build a complete business metrics system for your enterprise.

Unlocking the Power of Decision Intelligence with Kyligence Zen

In this comprehensive demo, we showcase the powerful capabilities of Kyligence Zen and its role in enhancing decision intelligence. Learn how this innovative tool allows ...

Kyligence Zen Walkthrough Demo

A walkthrough demo of how Kyligence Zen take care of collecting, organizing, and analyzing your metrics so you can focus more on taking action.
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