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Power BI + Kyligence

Kyligence empowers Power BI users to achieve scalable and fast data analysis via seamless integration of Microsoft tools such as Azure, Power BI, and Excel to form a one-stop big data solution.​


Architecture and Advantages

Architectural Advantages

Enabling Power BI users to establish a live connection to PB-level big data using DirectQuery for interactive analysis. Quickly designing and building data models from any data source (including relational databases, Hadoop, object storage, etc.) with automated modeling technology. The Smart Pushdown™ engine will route queries not covered in the model to the data source to better support ad hoc queries. Kyligence can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud, supporting high concurrency and high performance.

High Performance

Enabling powerful online analytical processing (OLAP) of massive amounts of data in the cloud to help business users gain instant insights anywhere, anytime.


Reduce your unit cost with an architecture optimized for total cost of ownership (TCO). You can use computing resources on demand and pay for services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

High Security

Deployed on the same virtual network with granular data access control.

Unified Semantic Layer

Unified Semantic Layer

Kyligence helps your organization create a unified semantic business model to map complex data into business language. The dimensions, metrics, and hierarchies familiar to business users are synchronized with Power BI through the unified semantic layer to unify and reuse business semantics.


Azure OLAP Solution for an Interactive Analysis Experience


Azure OLAP Solution for Interactive Analytics

Based on Azure's global cloud infrastructure, Kyligence's intelligent data modeling platform fully leverages Spark's distributed computing capabilities for building a scalable, cost-effective, high-performance OLAP analytics engine that supports OLAP analysis of big data on Power BI. This enables data analysts and business users to quickly identify business value from massive amounts of data in data lakes and make better business decisions.

Power BI + Kyligence Deployment

Power BI + Kyligence Deployment

The Power BI + Kyligence supports two kinds of deployments:


Cloud deployment: Kyligence service is deployed in the virtual network of the public cloud (Azure or other public clouds), and forms a cloud deployment architecture with Power BI Service, Power BI Desktop, and On-premises data gateway


Hybrid deployment: Kyligence is deployed in the local data center and connected to Power BI Service through the On-premises data gateway to form a hybrid deployment.

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