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OLAP On The Data Lake

Optimize Cloud Data Lake for Both Business Value and Cost

The global trend of enterprises shifting from on-premise data warehouses to public and private cloud continues to grow at a staggering pace. Cloud-based data lakes offer excellent elastic scaling, unmatched disaster recovery, and nearly unlimited storage, all at a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Many now conclude that a cloud-native approach will be key for next-generation data warehouses and online analytical processing (OLAP) technologies moving forward.

Accelerate Your Data Lake Analytics on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

Accelerates your Data Lake analytics on Azure, AWS, Google Cloud

Despite their popularity, data lakes still fall short of enterprise expectations when it comes to production-level delivery (concurrency, latency, workload management, etc.) when built on a relational database.


Also, reliance on SQL query engines to deliver data also locks businesses into a Pay-Per-Query strategy. This means paying for memory usage, network bandwidth, and more. The cloud offers unlimited resources, but usage comes at a price.

Advantages of OLAP on the Data Lake

Advantages of OLAP on the Data Lake

The way to tackle these issues of the data lake is to add an analytics query accelerator. Kyligence provides distributed OLAP that provides production-level query latency and concurrency and works directly on your data lake.

OLAP on Data Lake

Cloud-Native SQL on Data Lake

A cloud-native architecture optimized for cloud object storage platforms such as AWS S3, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2, and Google Cloud Storage.

Elastic and Distributed OLAP

Elastic distributed pre-computing offers the perks of traditional OLAP while benefiting from distributed computing's scalability.

Unified Data Services

Kyligence Smart Pushdown™ enables OLAP Engine to push down queries that are not answered by cube or table indexes to the SQL engines where the source data is hosted. The query results can be obtained through an instant detailed data query to meet the needs of exploratory analysis.

Seamless BI Integration

Kyligence provides an SQL interface and seamless BI integration that allows business users to perform self-service interactive analysis on the BI tool of their choice.

Optimize Your Cloud Data Lake With Intelligent OLAP Solutions

Optimize your Cloud Data Lake with Intelligent OLAP Solutions

Replacing a Giant SSAS OLAP Cube with a Cloud Solution

Replacing a Giant SSAS OLAP Cube with a Cloud Solution

In this real-world example, A large-scale financial services company relied on one of the largest SQL Server Analysis (SSAS) OLAP cubes in the world to support their risk management analysis, but the current solution was running into scaling limits due to increased data volumes.

Challenges Caused by SSAS

Benefits of Migrating Away From SSAS


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